Position of Bank Mitra Infrastructure Report as on 10.03.2017
Bank TypeNo.Of SSA allotted RuralTotal No. Of Bank Mitra Required SSA Covered through fixed location Bank MitraSSA Covered through BranchesUncoveredNo. of location Uncovered due to connectivityNo. of Active Bank Mitra doing TransactionsNo. of Device Capable under EKYC TransactionNo. of Device Capable under Rupay Card Based TransactionNo. of Device Capable under AEPS TransactionPDF
PUBLIC SECTOR BANK10627987757876011852215615679827867177764386782View Details..
REGIONAL RURAL BANK48738351913513513547565629807234242724230100View Details..
PRIVATE SECTOR BANK437434343434940002987252229262889View Details..
GRAND TOTAL15939112638212617033009212212112621112663107811119771View Details..

National Toll Free:-

1800 11 0001 1800 180 1111